We are digital brand.

Dear business builder, we have been waiting for you!

I’m Tayo Adebayo, founder and brand artist here at Firstangle.

Firstangle is a digital brand and it’s built as a result of working remotely. When the number of projects increased with referrals, I decided to have team member to work with for mutual support, shared goal, cooperation while working from different locations. We communicate effectively, and accurately maintain our core values.

At Firstangle, we are committed to helping people propel their business goals through visual communication. We use various mediums of storytelling to align with a customer’s vision and champion their business goals. Our strategy in “Defining Creative experiences” for people and company brands and has been recognized by leaders of all industries. We curate customized strategies that are memorable, impactful, and thoughtful from a holistic perspective sets us apart from a traditional agency model. “We firmly believe that design has the power to change minds and behavior. And when we do that successfully with clients and their constituents, there’s nothing better.”

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